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Our head of Chambers is Ian Hemmings SC. Along with Ian Hemmings SC, our senior counsel are Peter McEwen SC, Craig Leggat SC, Peter Tomasetti SC and Andrew Pickles SC. We also welcome back Malcolm Craig QC following his retirement from the Land and Environment Court.

Our junior barristers are Angela Pearman, Heather Irish, Steven Berveling, Mark Seymour, Rick O’Gorman-Hughes, Nick Eastman, Mike Staunton, Fenja Berglund, Anne Hemmings, Janet McKelvey, Jacinta Reid, Natasha Hammond, James Smith, Lara Nurpuri, Jeremy Farrell, Ryan Coffey, Tim Poisel and Lauren Sims.

Most of our barristers obtained extensive experience in litigation practices in large and small firms before joining the NSW Bar. Detailed curriculum vitae for many of our barristers can be found by clicking the link for each barrister to the left.

The core practice areas can be found by clicking the “Practice Areas” link. In these core practice areas, the members provide advice and appear in many Courts and Tribunals for private, government and corporate clients. This includes, from time to time, work provided on a pro bono basis.

In addition, the chambers has readers who work with members of the floor in their first year of practice at the Bar. The usual period of readership on the floor is 12 months starting at the commencement of the New South Wales Bar Association’s Readers’ Course.

Applications to read on the floor may be directed to the Clerk or Head of Chambers.